Innovative technology for the targeted treatment of face and body imperfections

The OndaShape represents the latest technological innovation for the targeted treatment of body and face imperfections.
It consists of the combination of 5 different technologies that work simultaneously to reshape the body, act on cellulite, tone and slim while for the anti-aging face treatment it tones and deeply hydrates. Machine equipped with 5 handpieces (2 for the body and 3 for the face), it allows you to manage the intensities individually for each of them, allowing you to work precisely on each area of interest for a clearly visible result from the first session.

It uses Bipolar Radiofrequency, Infrared, Led, Rollers and Vacuum to treat cellulite, fat, skin laxity, wrinkles, blepharos and counturing. Machine equipped with 3 handpieces for the face is the new technology to reactivate the
vitality of the tissues and obtain immediate and persistent effects of regeneration and toning.

Specific for firming, skin remodeling, reduction and evident of wrinkles and facial imperfections.
Stimulates the tissue, acts on water retention, dull skin, widespread relaxation, wrinkles, deep atony.

New opening 11 March 2022
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