Facial cleaning

Facial cleansing is an aesthetic treatment consisting of some basic steps: exposure to steam, massage, application of a pack (or mask) to tone, moisturize and purify; usually ends with a “lifting effect” massage.

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At Karisma Beauty Boutique we perform makeup for every occasion.
Day, evening, ceremonies and bride


It is a semi-permanent makeup technique that consists of recreating the natural hair in shape color and direction, the shape of the eyebrows is studied based on the skeleton of the face thus giving a 100% natural effect.


is a semi-permanent makeup technique that gives filler to the eyebrows with a veiled shade, the color is chosen according to the complexion and natural hair the final effect is similar to the eyeshadow used in make up but softer and smoother..


It is a semi-permanent lip makeup technique used to correct asymmetries and dyschromia imperceptibly, these corrections enhance the lips by making them plumper,brighter and more harmonious.


is a lipstick-effect permanent lip makeup technique, perfect for those who want lips that are always pigmented.


Is a permanent eye makeup technique,
Outlines and gives intensity to the gaze, the shape is drawn according to the type of eye and the affection you want to achieve


is a permanent eye makeup technique, useful for giving depth to the eyes, has blended pencil effect for those who do not want a classic, outlined effect.

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