In the new device, the BIPOLAR RADIOFREQUENCY, the LASER LLLT (inserted in all handpieces) and theVACUUM SUCTION with various dynamic pulses are maintained and perfected to ensure more and more amazing results.The three combined technologies are also joined by the MESOPORATION, a new state-of-the-art function-inserted into the handpieces-that increases the permeability of the cell membrane and transfers the active ingredients of the cosmetic along the stratum corneum, promoting their absorption.

The combination of Bipolar Radiofrequency and LLLT Laser creates INTENSE THERMAL HEAT in connective tissues, including the fibrous septum. This, promotes an increase in collagen deposits and cellular metabolism, leading to a considerable localized reduction in skin volume and laxity.

The concomitant function ofvacuum suction generates an immediate INCREASE in BLOOD CIRCULATION and LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, both of which are essential for improving overall health.

The automatic rotation and ball pressure of the new ultra-modern mesosphere handpiece produce a MICRO-VIBRATION that reaches the tissues directly, thus enabling complete skin and muscle processing.

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