Hands and feet


Semi-permanent nail polish is a light-curing product which, when applied to the nails
like a traditional nail polish, it ensures a well-groomed and perfect appearance for at least two weeks, increasing, imperceptibly to the eye, the thickness of the nails making them more resistant and cared for.

karisma, centro estetico e parrucchiere a locarno
karisma, centro estetico e parrucchiere a locarno


An innovative product comes from the Nails world. Acrygel, or Acrigel, is a hybrid between gel and acrylic that combines the advantages of the two products.
The composition of Acrigel makes it possible to create long-lasting nails,
flexible and robust in a short time and with few difficulties.

Aesthetic pedicure

By aesthetic pedicure we therefore mean a treatment that concerns the foot bath, the adjustment and filing of the nails, the removal of superficial calluses and the application of moisturizing cream and nail polish, all to be performed at least once a month for beauty and well-being of feet and nails.

karisma, centro estetico e parrucchiere a locarno

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